Bar Mitzvah Tefillin

Bar Mitzvah Tefillin Sets are high quality sets designed with Bar Mitzvah boys in mind. All sets are certified kosher by a qualified expert. Professionally made and fashioned under the strict supervision of a certified Mishmereth STAM sofer.

* If you are right handed, you will place the tefillin on your left arm. Order “for right handed.” If you are left handed, you will place the tefillin on your right arm. Order “for left handed.”

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Peshutim Tefillin

Peshutim Mehudarim Tefillin (Superior Simple) have boxes that are made from a single strip of hide, as required by Jewish law. The boxes are 32mm square. Goat skin is used to form light weight batim. When finished these look almost identical to the more expensive and more durable cowhide tefillin.

Certified kosher by a qualified expert. Each set is accompanied by a computer checked certificate, and a certificate of the kashrut level.

Many people find these tefillin to be an ideal Bar Mitzvah gift.

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Dakkot Tefillin

Dakkot Tefillin (Thin) are made out of boxes that are 33mm square. The boxes of these tefillin are of a higher quality leather and are more durable compared to the Peshutim Mehudarim.

Dakkot Ohr Echad tefillin have boxes that are covered with an extra layer of thin parchment.

These tefillin are professional made, by hand, and are certified kosher. Each set is accompanied by a certificate, and is computer checked.

This set comes with a ten year warranty from the sofer.

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Gassot Tefillin

Gassot Tefillin (Thick) are each made from one single strip of thick leather, with special inserts that make them close flat.

This is accomplished by a sophisticated manufacturing process that involves repeated application of several tons of pressure in industrial presses.

The resulting batim are so rugged and durable that they can be repaired and reconditioned even if seriously damaged. These tefillin typically last a lifetime.

The straps are fashioned from the upper part of the hide (retsu’ot elion). And the batim are 34-35mm on each side.

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Tefillin Miksheh

Tefillin Miksheh are the same as Gassot Tefillin, except their boxes and straps are entirely hand made rather than machine made.

Each box is made from one single strip of thick leather, except for the bottom (titura). The straps are made from the top part of the hide (retsu’ot elion).

Each set is of the highest kosher quality, and is double checked by computer. Each set includes a certificate of kashrut.

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Chabad Tefillin

These tefillin are extra large (batim measure 40mm on each side) following the traditions of Chabad minhag.

These tefillin are also fashioned entirely from a single strip of high quality leather, with inserts added to ensure that they close completely flat.

The straps are fashioned from the upper part of the hide (retsu’at elion) and the tefillin are certified after being proofread and computer checked.

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Accessories, etc

Tefillin bags, carriers, and replacement parts for tefillin – everything that you need to travel with your tefillin, from your home to shul, or around the world.

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